I became lost to a tomorrow of darkness and uncertainty

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By F. Gorgun on iStock (image licensed by author)

I dream of what I cannot have
The touch of my hand on my mother’s cheek
The laughter of my father telling his own jokes
The innocence of youth when I believed they would live forever

Days when I was certain of a future I alone could create
Impatient to make the world dance to my music
My hours then were mine to waste in mindless passions of the soul
Endless tomorrows were my gift from a universe that loved me

Aging is understanding there is always a last time for everything The last goodbye, last kiss, a last I…

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By Keiferpix on iStock (image licensed by author)

Our time blessed with simple perfection

The music ends for many who lose the faith of themselves

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By Nico_Blue on iStock (Image licensed by author)

The songs of my soul are my own
I dance alone to notes written just for me
My life a tribute to the path only I see
The days a reflection of a journey I was meant to live

I wasted much of my early life singing the song of others
Denying a direction already branded into my soul
We are born to live our own lives moving to our own rhythms
If only we take the time to hear the music meant for us

I was born the day I tuned out the others who wanted my life My…

The young and the strong always become the old and the weak

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By Nem Chinowa on iStock (image licensed by author)

She was angry the moment she walked into the room I had not seen in twenty years but she started where we left off still accusing the world of stealing her life I never got a break never had the luck you always had she said She had been beautiful Her body something men stole glances at when they were with their women A fullness other women admired yet hated She had owned any room she walked into back in her day Eyes admiring a tribute to eternal youth Then it all disappeared Her beauty had been her survival She…

Where I am from in life

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By Peeterv on iStock (image licensed by author)

Three-room broken-down house Mother an earthbound saint Stepfather a raging drunken demon from the fire Cheap bars on every corner Seven day a week homes for the old and pathetic Four little churches and they still couldn’t save my soul Drunks pissing in the yard at three Passing out on the steps to a God they can’t find We live two miles past the wrong side of town An omen we lived on a dead-end street Took me thirty years to see the humor in the old sign The factories shuttered their doors one summer Then the small guys fled…

You are pathetic old man, just pathetic, she whispered

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By Nes oon iStock (image licensed by author)

I was lying on the floor next to my writing desk staring at the ceiling Two hours, two glasses of wine, and two words written My dog was on the floor next to me her face in my face You are pathetic old man, just pathetic, she whispered Maybe it was the wine, but she was right, nothing sadder than a burnt-out writer in the wee hours without a clue The reptilian part of my brain hurt If writing something of substance today was necessary for my survival then I was a dead man doomed to death by mediocrity Write…

One crazy and the other one chasing close behind

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By Laura Kneedler on iStock (image licensed by author)

My days in San Francisco were the dark years Work I hated and women who hated me I did not understand living in those days but I was a master of barely surviving There was a crazy man who lived in the bushes behind where I worked His name was Larry Big man, long hair and the smile of a child But reality and he had parted ways years ago Red green, green red, green red, dirty money, you got pretty clothes was his usual greeting as he wandered the streets too far gone to even ask for change But…

Then she fled in the middle of the night without even a note

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By Schulte Production on iStock (image licensed by author)

Time and I used to be lovers We spent the misspent days of my self-destructive youth hand-in-hand Time always brought me more wine and more women, She loved me as no other, giving me sunrises to waste and days of love that would never end Why should I care about the minutes I screamed, when my years are just beginning, as endless as the lies of a politician Cannot you not understand Time is mine alone forever But Time was one who could not be owned She who wanted nothing from me now wanted it all, and she finally had…

My dream of finding one who could love me forever and a night

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By Marcco Photo on iStock (image licensed by auhtor)

When I could not think of anything I would think of you Sweaty wasted nights in my youth Working all day doing work I hated Drinking much of the night with friends of the moment Couldn’t afford air conditioning in those days Three roommates sharing the cost of a dump Me laying on a mattress on the floor staring at a ceiling fan twirling slowly above my head Irritating hum leaving me hot and frustrated much the way the rest of my life was going in those years I dreamed in those hours of a love that would save me…

February Cultural Prompt

I made a promise to my children long ago to learn from them

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By Coffee and Milk on iStock (image licensed by author)

Children are born to see the love in all those around them
Their hearts untouched by the fingers of hate
Open and willing to accept others because of who they are
Judging those around them by how they treat others
Innocent in the ways of how dark the world can be

Hatred is learned
Taught by those who blame others for their own failings
Prejudice the weapon of the ignorant
Wielded as a sword to punish anyone who is different than they
Using hate to show the world the emptiness of a weak soul

Children are born to sing a…

Thomas Plummer

A simple life dedicated to leaving the world a little better than I found it. Long career in the business of fitness, writer of books, speaker, personal coach.

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