How to Survive a Beating by an Unforgiving Universe

Simple life lessons I know now I wish I knew then

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Never waste a day caring about what anyone thinks of you… unless you seek that opinion

We spend too much wondering if our clothes are appropriate, if others will accept our uniqueness in the world, or we waste our days trying to please someone else besides ourselves.

Respect everyone; be intimidated by no one

Someone will always have more money than you do, and many more will have less. Arrogant people who accumulate money and treat everyone badly, from the guy at the coffee shop to the waitress at the local café, are not better than you are, they have more money… maybe.

You must always be the professional

It does not matter what job you hold. It does not matter what you do for a living. It does not matter if you make $20 an hour or millions a year.

It matters you are always act and perform as a professional professional

Being professional means, you bring a full, conscience effort to your work. Work harder than those around you as you create your career, dress better than those in the same line of work, study harder and master what you do even if you are the most entry level hire in the company.

Always do the right thing

Eventually you have to go to sleep, and when you do there should be no doubt in your mind that every decision made that day was you doing the right thing morally, ethically and professionally.

Money and emotion don’t mix

Money is easy. You can read about it, take lessons on it, learn to earn more of it, and ultimately come to understand money only exists for one purpose, and that is it allows you to live life on your own terms not held hostage by a single person, or by a job or career you hate.

There is no perfect

There is no perfect job, spouse, house, town, friend, relative, project or life. There is a drive for many people to achieve perfection, and this causes procrastination and self-inflicted stress.

Life in balance is a myth

You can’t live a life in balance and ever achieve anything worth a damn.

Master one thing

This is advice I got and took. Learn more about one thing and you will never be out of work. What is your one thing? Can you define it in one sentence? Will you be able to say decades from now the passion is still there to share that one thing? Never waste a single day doing anything you are not passionate about in your life.

Being unhealthy

There is no reason on this earth to not put your personal health at the top of the list in life’s to-do pile. The reality is we often trade health for short-term gain. We eat stress for breakfast, live on stupid hours, drink too much on the weekends, and end up sacrificing our health for something we couldn’t enjoy if we lost that health.

Explore the nature of faith

Believing in something is worth the effort. Explore everything about faith. The values we often respect in others come from man’s attempt to understand a higher power. It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you spend a lot of your life looking.

If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing

Pick fewer friends but be the best friend ever. Going to a party? Be the last one out and do it right. Going on a trip? Explore every alley of every country in the world. Going to be in the marketing or writing business? Then be the best that ever lived.

Live for today

The time between being twenty-one and sixty is about four weeks. There is no tomorrow, there is only today lived well with passion and intensity. You should plan for your future, and spend a great deal of time projecting your life ahead, but for some of us there is no tomorrow and you will only have today.

Listening is the lost art of adulthood

The ultimate respect you can show the one you love is to shut up and listen to what is being said and quit trying to take every discussion as a problem to be solved. The ego of those in their 20s should come with a warning stamped on the butt of every child ever born: “You do not always have to be right.”

A simple life dedicated to leaving the world a little better than I found it. Long career in the business of fitness, writer of books, speaker, personal coach.

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