The power of a soft whisper

You sit in a bar listening to a close friend who is struggling in life. You listen, and then offer words of advice late at night over a quiet glass, then 20 years later he thanks you for setting him on course and you never even knew he really listened or understood your help.

You spend five minutes talking your kid through a failure he feels is going to destroy his young life, and without realizing it, you become his role model for life. Decades from now, he puts his arms around you, says thank you, then quotes back your exact words.

You smile at the kid in the coffee shop, use his name, and say thank you, and without a thought of being nothing but polite, you turned a stressed-out, underappreciated employee into a newly energized person ready for another 100 customers.

The old homeless guy on the corner just sits and stares. He no longer has the strength to even ask for money. You slip him a five-dollar bill, and a sandwich, and whisper, “Here sir, I hope this helps.” You walk away and don’t notice he has tears in his eyes, because for just a little while you have given him hope.

Your boss just goes ballistic. Projects are behind, people didn’t show for work and everything in the office seems like it is raging out of control. You whisper privately, “I can get this done boss, don’t worry about it.” A year later you get a promotion you didn’t even know was there, because that whisper set you aside from everyone else on that team.

Your spouse is melting down from too much kid, and you quietly whisper, “go sit outside and have a glass of wine, I will take them for ice cream.” Later that night your person falls asleep in your arms and you have no idea what the heck just happened, but you cuddle and smile.

There is power in every word you speak.

Think carefully about what you say, and take ownership of everything you ever speak.
Words, and the tone in which they are delivered, are remembered forever by people.

Your words can change a life forever, can heal a wound, can turn a bad day into a smile, and can define how you are viewed by others for the rest of their lives.

You are your words, and your personal strength is always determined by your willingness to speak the truth, and willingness to lend that strength to others.

There is power in a soft whisper you may have forgotten.

A simple life dedicated to leaving the world a little better than I found it. Long career in the business of fitness, writer of books, speaker, personal coach.

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