You Are Going to Live Too Long

You do not need to know what you are going to do forever in your 20s… and other life mistakes you will make because you will live too long

By Funky Data on iStock (image licensed by author)

Should you really expect to find a life partner in your twenties that will be with you for another sixty years? Can you be expected to finish college then commit to one career for fifty years or more?

Don’t worry about the last step, worry about the next five years

By Fizkes on iStock (image licensed by author)

You won’t save money now because there is always next year

You don’t take enough risk

Most people are afraid to admit what they really want in life

You don’t believe you are the one

A simple life dedicated to leaving the world a little better than I found it. Long career in the business of fitness, writer of books, speaker, personal coach.

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